We have an exciting fishing program for you!
Just in 30 minutes by boat you will enter in the magic Delta of Parana River, where surrounded by nature, is the home of the mythical Golden Dorado.

The Paraná Delta:

The Paraná flows north–south and becomes an aluvial basin (a flood plain) between the Argentine provinces of Entre Ríos, Santa Fe and Buenos Aires then emptying into the Río de la Plata. It covers about 14,000 square kilometers (5,400 sq mi) and starts to form between the cities of Santa Fe and Rosario, where the river splits into several arms, creating a network of islands and wetlands. Most of it is in the jurisdiction of Entre Ríos Province, and parts in the north of Buenos Aires Province.

The Fishing:

The mythic Dorado (Salminius Maxilosus) is clearly the main target on this river. The Golden Dorado range between 2 and 8 pounds with the possibility of fish up to 15 pounds. Our fishing will be done using Skiffs type boats (17 foot length) equipped with 90hp four stroke motors plus electric motors at the front of the boat which are remote controlled by the guide for a silent approach to the fishing areas. We will be mainly fishing on river branches, at the head of islands and along deep banks of the main river and little streams where different structures (fallen trees, cut banks and little streams and marshes) generate ideal feeding spots for a natural hunter like the Dorado.

The typical fishing day: we departure from the Rosario or Villa Constitución in the morning at 08:00hs and we return to the club around 18:30hs. Normally we take a light lunch (it is
included in the cost) so we can expend more time fishing.

Tackle / Gear:

While our team can supplies any type of backup gear (rented) you might need during the trip is good to bring a basic gear of your personal preference which you feel familiar to fish with. Our guide will provide and set you up with all flies and leaders you might need on the trip.

• 1 8wt 9’ Rod should be your main rod
• If you bring a 2nd rod should be a 7wt or a 2nd 8wt 9’

• Two good reels with working drags; they should balance
your rods and load with 150yds of 30lb backing

• 1st choice Tropical Floating WF 8 F
• 2nd Choice Tropical Intermediate line WF 8 I/I

• Saltwater Fluorocarbon 20/25/30/40 lb
• Rio Wire Bite 40lb

Extended information: